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House Clearances & Rubbish Removals

Hi, we‘re Albrite. We do house clearances and rubbish removal in Liverpool & Merseyside!

We provide a whole range of services of house clearances in a number of areas. Eddie and his team have built up a fantastic reputation with solicitors, estate agents and people in the local community over the last 30 years by providing a great, reliable service.

If you’re interested in booking a House Clearance and Removal service, look no further. Call Eddie on 07827 675 319 to see how Albrite can help you with your house clearance requirements.Just leave the stress of the House Clearance to Eddie and his team As a family run business, Albrite has achieved a gleaming reputation for it’s fast, affordable and friendly service – serving both residential and commercial properties over the last 30 years.

Relax and let Albrite cater to all your clearance and rubbish removal needs.


Products and services

  • Garage Clearances
  • Bereavement Service
  • Part Load Clearance
  • Estate Agent & Solicitor Friend
  • Industrial Clearances
  • Rubbish Clearance
  • Sheds, Garages & Attics Cleared
  • Full or Part Clearance
  • Company Clearances
  • Clean & Clear Service
  • Single Item Removal
  • Probate Work Specialist
  • Business Clearances